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As bankers are stealing clients' money?Money decided to figure out how to steal bank clerks and how our readers can save your money from thieves .
Of course , stealing a deposit or a ” sham ” loan , hung on an unsuspecting person in any comparison not go with billions hryvnia , rastaschennymi of banks under the guise of the financial crisis in 2008. However, crises , fortunately , uncommon thing , but fraudsters are operating in banks , regardless of the financial weather than dangerous.
One of our readers just told an amazing story , it would be difficult to believe , if not tens of thousands in hard currency, which he pulled off corny bank account. Story came to light only because the compartment in which our hero kept the money , it was decided to liquidate . Continue reading

Experts: affordable mortgages will not be this yearThe average rate on mortgages in Russia is 12.5%. This is several times higher than in Europe. Most Russians are not afraid of the overpayment – every year they take more and more mortgages . The need to cut rates is recognized by all – from top government officials to ordinary borrowers. Experts interviewed by “RBK . Personal Finance , ” told about how this year will change the rate on your mortgage. Continue reading

Experts told why Visa and MasterCard will not leave the Russian FederationOne of the most pressing issues in recent weeks – the fate of the international payment systems (IPS ) Visa and MasterCard in Russia. Most of the population of our country enjoys cards exactly these MEAs . And any changes in their work affected almost everyone. Experts interviewed by ” RBK.Lichnye finance” , expressed their opinion about whether the leave Visa and MasterCard from Russia . Continue reading

Eagle Eye: as bank fraudsters ruining peopleBank customers often become victims of their own carelessness and lose money . Arsenal scams has dozens of different instruments. Experts told about the most dangerous of them , as well as on ways of improving financial security.

arms race

The banking system is not the place for gullible people . Scammers earn millions on deception customers of credit institutions and are in constant search of a new victim . Confrontation banks and scams resembles the Cold War between the USSR and the USA. Its main attribute – the arms race . Banks to enhance security operations , scammers come up with a clever new way to circumvent the protection . Suffer as a result of ordinary customers . Continue reading

Renting or leasingAny superficial observer , without going into the complexity of economic interactions , immediately noted the many similarities between the ” newfangled ” leasing and familiar for centuries mechanism lease. This is not surprising , given that between these two kinds of cooperation is really full of semantic intersection . As confirmed Maxim Utkelbaev specialist department vehicle lease GC ” Baltic Leasing “, comparing the advantages of leasing and rental , it should be noted that they are based on similar principles . More precisely, leasing – is a special case of the lease . For this reason, leasing is called a finance lease , and the basic law governing the leasing relationship can be found in Chapter 34 of the Civil Code ” Rent .” In connection with this , you can identify some common features that are inherent in both rental and leasing.

Making a choice between these alternatives , it is worth remembering that from a legal point of view the ownership of the lease (leasing) throughout the period of its validity is the lessor ( the lessor ) . On the other hand , speaking of leasing as a form of investment, it is worth noting that the continued ownership of the lessor becomes quite arbitrary from the point of view that the subject of the lease for the duration of their useful life is actually in possession and use of the lessee. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the category of ” economic owner” , which is the best characterized role of the lessee. That the lessee has the right for the benefits when using the leased asset . Continue reading

Experts on the ruble and foreign currency loansThe average size of interest rates on loans in foreign currency by 3-5 percentage points lower than for ruble . And , nevertheless , interviewed “RBC Personal Finance ” experts assure that foreign currency loans are not in great demand among the population . Moreover, many banks have generally curtail this trend , again due to lack of demand. And this despite the more favorable interest rates.

Benefits should not be sought in the interest on the loan , said the head of mortgage lending “Alfa- Bank” Vlad the Neva , and the dynamics of exchange rates. “The issue is about more than the benefits to the forecast of exchange rates , and , as we all know , it is now a little predictable , even in the short term ,” – emphasizes the expert. As for example, mortgage loans, they are always long-term , and forecasts for several years are not in favor of the ruble , said Vlad Neva . Continue reading

Price quality: that will be paid in Russian medicinePrice we have to pay for quality health care , causes many Russians worry. At the same time, free medical services not satisfy everyone. Finding a balance between quality and cost is a very important aspect of the reform of the entire health system in Russia. One of the key issues in this area – the development of health insurance , mandatory and voluntary . Experts told “RBC . Personal Finance ” on the major issues of health insurance and how will the Russian health finally paid.

During the session of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) on reform of the MMI system , which took place in mid-April , the president of the Russian Union of Insurers Igor Jurgens said today expect an increase in government spending on health care is not necessary. That’s why need a sensible approach to reform and improve its efficiency . Continue reading